Reine Sloan

UX Design



Traveling and can't find the right yoga teacher?  Yoga.Me app is the solution.  This app matches students to the right teachers wherever the student might be at a studio convenient to you.  After entering the city, time, where and the type of yoga you are looking for it populates all the matching Yoga teachers available. You can read other student reviews, see the teacher's rating, find out about their yoga training, a little about their interests and even listen to their playlists.  You can then schedule the class at the time that works for you and reserve a spot in the class ahead of time.

About the process


1. lists

I start with a blank piece of paper and brainstorm listing out all of the initial thoughts, features and ideas that come to mind.  This will serve as my guidepost for my sketches.


2. Sketch time

Once I have the initial list of the components, features, and general flow written down on paper I then start sketching with old fashioned paper and marker.  Working in black and white on paper allows me to stay focused on the integeral and necessary blocks of structure that will be required to build the app. Without the distraction of color and design, I am able to map out the initial mockup. 


3. Affinity Mapping and Features

It's time to start considering the features that will need to be built into the app for the user to meet it's goal. Usablity.  I list out the features on post it's so I can easily move them around and ensure I have everything covered.

4. Low Fidelity digital Mock ups

Next I do low fidelity mock ups in Balsmiq.  Working in Balsmiq allows me to work on mapping out the flow of the app without the distraction of getting wrapped up in the design elements.  I am able to map out the initial look, flow and feel of the app... (agile blalala).


5.Mood Board for inspiration

Now comes one of my favorite parts...Getting to know the clients likes and hates!  After meeting with them, I create a mood board for inspiration. This helps to be a visual guide for the next phase of the project which is high fidelity mock ups and ensures strong and unified branding.

Yoga.Me Mood Board.jpg

6. High Fidelity Mock Ups to deliver to the developers